Tibet was opened for tourists only in 1985. Before this, it avoided influence from the western world and developed its unique culture & religion independently. To see a place like Tibet now, before many modern changes take place, is certainly a unique experience.
Its name, the “Roof of the World” is no idle statement. The valley bottoms of Tibet are higher than the highest mountains elsewhere. Its snow covered plateau are the highest in the world. Apart from the Everest, which Tibetans see from the other side, many mountain ranges are over 4,500m. Tourists can fly right into Lhasa from Kathmandu, taking one of the world’s most dramatic flights across the Himalayan range. Lhasa (3,650m) Tibet’s capital city lies in the highest plateau of the world amid arid wilderness.
Travelling to Tibet is an incredible journey in which one can see the world’s highest mountains, travel on the world’s highest plains, meet nomadic herdsmen and pilgrims and walk amidst the burning butter lamps & chanting monks of Tibet’s ancient and legendary Buddhist monasteries. This is a wonderful and amazing trip. However, if participants are not up for a bit of adventure or for accommodations & amenities that may be far from perfect, then perhaps this trip is not for them or their trip should be limited only within Lhasa city. “Cold & dusty” is the comment of many people who have visited Tibet. While the trip to Tibet is not easy, it is well worth the effort. Even the most jaded traveller may feel like a neophyte tourist
Day 01: (SAT): Fly Kathmandu/Lhasa. Transfer to your hotel
Day 02/03: Two full day tour of Lhasa
Day 04: Drive Lhasa to Shigatse visiting Shalu Mnastery
Day 05: Shiagste tour and drive to Xegar
Day 06: Drive to Everest base camp.
Day 07: Drive to Keyrong
Day 08: Drive to Kathmandu

Major highlights: 3 star hotels (best avaibale in Xegar, Keyrong, Rongbuk) with breakfast, Tibet permits, experience English speaking Tibetan guide, Kathmandu/Lhasa airfare included

Not includes: China/Tibet visa fee