Passport & Visa

A valid passport is required for all tourists except Indian nationals.

Visa fees:

Single entry visa fee : US$ 30 (valid for 60 days)
Multiple entry visa fee : US$ 80 (valid for 60 days)

Fee exemption of tourist visa:

For tourists from China and SAARC countries.
SAARC countries include India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan (and Nepal).

For the tourists, who have already stayed in Nepal for 15 days or more, visiting Nepal for the second time during the same visa year.

For tourists staying in Nepal for 3 days (72 hrs) or less.

Children below 10 years of age.

The tourist visa can be obtained from Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or other mission offices. Tourists holding a valid passport can also obtain the visa at the airport (or any other tourist entry point) upon arrival. They have to submit a visa application form with one recent photograph. The process is the same for the ‘gratis’ visas. The visa fees cannot be paid by credit cards. The visa application forms are available in the passport control lounge. They are also distributed in the aircrafts before landing.