Nepal is a destination of infinite charm and diversity. For the adventurous of spirit, there could be no better place on earth than this tiny kingdom for a really fulfilling holiday. Nepal is one of the world's most incredible countries; home of some 24 million Nepalese, their languages and customs as diverse as the terrain and climate itself. Within a single day one can fly past Everest and its neighboring peaks, pause amidst the palaces & temples of Kathmandu, then descend through the terraces of the middle hills to the plains and ride elephants through tropical jungles, inhabited by several species of migratory and native birds and wild animals including the great Asian one-horned Rhinoceros and the ever elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, the king of the jungle.

Nepal, the world’s only Hindu kingdom covers an area of 147,181 sq. kms and stretches 145 - 241 kms. north to south & 800 - 850 kms. west to east. Nepal is totally landlocked and precariously positioned between two Asian giants; China in the North and India to the east, west & south. At latitudes 26 & 30 degrees north & longitudes 80 & 88 degrees east, Nepal is topographically divided into three regions; the Himalaya to the north, the hills consisting of Mahabharata range & Churia hills in the middle and the Terai plains to the south. Elevations are varied in the kingdom. The highest point is Mt. Everest (8850m) and the lowest point at Jhapa district (67m). Altitude generally increases as one travels south to north.

Nepal is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT & 15 minutes ahead of Indian Standard Time.