Bhutan, approx. the size of Switzerland, covers an area of 47,000 sq. kms & has a population of less that 700,000 inhabitants. These figures, however do not reflect the incredible geographical & ecological diversity of the country nor its natural wealth. The range of altitudes revel its variety, rising from 300m on the Indian frontier to 7,300m on the Tibet border. The land is reminiscent of a gigantic staircase.

The name Bhutan appears to be derived from the ancient Indian term Bhotana, which means the end of the land of Bhots (Tibet). The Bhutanese themselves refer to their country as Druk Yul or the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Druk meaning dragon and extending from the predominant Drukpa school of Tibetan Buddhism. You will discover in the Thunder Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan, true mystical bliss enveloped in its natural splendour. This Himalayan paradise is still wrapped in a time, recollected by many as “those good old days”.

Bhutan is still restricted and is accessed by us for you. With modern transportation facilities, you can now comfortably experience the warm hospitality of its friendly people, the carefree Bhutanese lifestyle and the culture of the peaceful haven. Magnificent scenery, fortresses from the past that are awesome in design, monasteries that are out of the world. Here too, are treks in a mountainous wilderness and here too, are festivals as colourful as any artist's palette and alive with traditional chants & dancing. Bhutan which is still tourist young and where there are palaces and huge fort like Dzongs. The impossible monasteries like Taktsang and the unspoiled green grandeur of the country have still to be discovered. Throughout the centuries, the Bhutanese have treasured their natural environment and have looked upon it as the source of all life.

The National carrier Druk Air operates from the only international airport in Paro with 75-seater BAE-146, a four engine jet aircraft. It has scheduled flights to Kathmandu, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangkok & Yangon. By road, it is possible to drive via India to the Bhutanese town of Phuntsoling, gateway town in the southwest.

The Kingdom lies east of Nepal and west of the Indian state of Arunchal Pradesh, south of Tibet and north of the Indian state territories of West Bengal & Assam. Bhutan is a landlocked country surrounded by mountains to the north & west. The altitudes in the south range from 1000 to 4500 feet. From 4000 feet in the east around Tashigang to a high of 17,000 feet over the highest pass. The altitude at Thimpu, the capital is 7,700 feet.