Customs & Export

Passengers arriving at the airport without any dutiable goods can proceed through the Green channel for quick clearance without a baggage check. If the passengers are carrying dutiable articles they must pass through the Red channel with Customs clearance. Beside personal belongings, the passengers are allowed to bring into Nepal free are; 1 pair of Binoculars, one still camera (with 15 rolls of film), one movie or video camera, a laptop computer, a portable music system, 200 cigarettes or 20 cigars, 1 bottle of liquor and a reasonable amount of perfume.

It is illegal to export objects over 100 years old (sacred images, paintings, manuscripts) that are valued for their cultural and religious significance. As such, tourists are advised not to purchase any item of antique value as they are Nepal’s cultural heritage. The Department of Archaeology at Ramshahpath, Kathmandu has to certify all metal statues, sacred paintings & similar objects before carried out of the country.